Silk Stockings and a Bottle of Rum

Based on the first Nova Scotia Provincial election after WW2, the drama follows three fictional candidates as they compete for votes in 1949. Plus, the audience actually had the opportunity to vote for their favourite political party and change the ending of the play!

Performed outside by the Eastern Shore Players in 2021 in the grounds of Memory Lane Heritage Village, Lake Charlotte.

With thanks to both MJ Comedy TV, Joanne Miller, for running our workshops and to NS Communities, Culture and Heritage for their support.


(In order of appearance)

Mr Gates: Kristy Sanders

Mary Lewis: Rowan Wilson Henkelmann

Audrey Osborne: Megan Pettipas

Contstable Bacon: Dalton Faulkner

Cathy Clark: Ocean Baker

Pat Nolan: Ginny Mendl

Colin Waters: Charles DeWolfe

Grace Waters: Shei Scott

Jack Nolan/Victor Dubois: Tim Lambert

Fielding: Chantelle White

Philip Osborne: Chris Henkelmann

Dr Greg Patterson: Chrystal Kennedy

Alice Brown: Linda Fahie

Frank Brown: Emersen Barnes

Tom Riley: Sheila Livingston

Beverly Osborne: Sue Ann Hawes

Jim Brown: Thea Wilson-Hammond

Ralphy Brown: Raphi Barnes

Robbie Barker: Norma Kennedy

Director: Robin Webber

Stage Manager: Bobbie Mildenberger