Sue lives in Nova Scotia and has enjoyed writing for several years.  She is an active member of the Eastern Shore Players who have performed 12 of her plays.  Over the years, she has also had 7 short, 10 minute plays, performed in the annual King's Shorts Festivals at the King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal.  She is a member of Playwright's Atlantic Resource Centre (PARC).



Silk Stockings and a Bottle of Rum:

Delayed by a year, on 18 April the Eastern Shore Players finally met with MJ Comedy TV Joanne Miller to work on Sue's latest play, Silk Stockings and a Bottle of Rum. This will be an outdoor production, so fingers crossed the group will be able to perform in July at Memory Lane Heritage Village.






The Crystal Ball: Like so many theatre productions and live performances, Sue's play was cancelled due to the pandemic.


Written in 2011, this comedy was shortlisted in the 2012 WFNS Playwriting Competition and was due to be performed in July by the Eastern Shore Players at Memory Lane Heritage Village, Lake Charlotte.






Sue was a participant in the Eastern Shore Players' Workshops at Memory Lane Heritage Village in June.  These were led by Mary Colin Chisholm, the renowned Playwright, Director and Performer.


The Secretaire: (A play with music)

After successful performances at Memory Lane last year, The Eastern Shore Players put on further performances of The Secretaire for one night and one afternoon at St Genevieve's Church Hall, East Chezzetcook in March.

Thanks to a fantastic cast and to everyone who worked diligently behind the scenes, audiences had a great time with lots of laughter.





THE SECRETAIRE:   (A play with music)

Another great success with the Eastern Shore Players!  After Sue attended a set of workshops* with the Players earlier in the year, she developed a new play, The Secretaire.  Split into four time periods, the story follows the Simmons family after they salvage a desk from the SS Graig in 1940.  


The desk, exists to this day and afer being donated to Memory Heritage Village last year, it was actually used in the play.


Show dates were 2nd and 3rd November and the Players performed to sold-out audiences.  But if you missed it, they hope to perform the play again in one or two other locations in Nova Scotia in 2019.


[*With thanks to both Mary Vingoe, an eminent theatre director and playwright, for leading the workshops, and to NS Communities, Culture & Heritage for their support.]


[More information about the Eastern Shore Players can be found at easternshoreplayers.ca and information about Memory Lane Heritage Village can be found at heritagevillage.ca.]




Sue's new 10 minute comedy, FOOLPROOF, was part of the 2018 King's Shorts Festival of Ten-Minute Plays. 

This popular King's Theatre Festival is held in June each year over three consecutive days.


[Further information about the Kings Theatre can be found at kingstheatre.ca or telephone 902-532-7704.]






'The Lobster Trap': [2018]

As so many people missed it last year, Sue's dinner theatre play, 'The Lobster Trap', was staged again by the Eastern Shore Players for three nights at the beginning of May this year.   Performed to sold out crowds, everybody enjoyed themselves.  

With thanks to Memory Lane Heritage Village for providing a delicious dinner, as well as to NS Communities, Culture & Heritage for their support and to Pamela Halstead for her invaluable creative assistance.





'I Am A Warrior': 

Sue's new monologue was accepted into Sarasvati's 'I Am Unstoppable' programme for their International Women's Week of Cabarets and monologues, celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th 2018.  


A comedy about a woman in her 60s who signs up for a course, only to find the class is full of twenty somethings, 'I Am A Warrior' was performed on March 10th at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film in Winnipeg, by Cheryl Soluk, shown here at rehearsals, script in hand.   (Photo credit: Samantha Rae Photography.






After attending a set of workshops with the Eastern Shore Players earlier in the year, this Group performed The Lobster Trap as a dinner theatre production at Memory Lane on October 19, 21st & 22nd to a sold out audience all three nights. 


Written by Sue*, this new comedy is set on the Eastern Shore in the 1940s where there are few complaints from the workers at a local lobster canning factory, but murder is afoot after a big announcement that a new business partner has changes and job losses in mind.




*The play was created with assistance from Pamela Halstead, a locally renowned director, dramaturg, actor and certified teacher, as well as the newly appointed Artistic Director of PARC.  [The workshops were partly funded by NS Communities, Culture & Heritage.]


Many photos of the play can be found on easternshoreplayers.ca.

For information about Memory Lane Heritage Village go to:  




ALSO IN 2017



THE THREE SCARECROWS, a 10 minute comedy, was performed by the Eastern Shore Players on Friday, July 7 at Memory Lane Heritage Village, Clam Harbour, as part of an evening of songs, readings, recitals and magic, modeled on the 1940s musical revues of that time.  Further information about the Memory Lane Heritage Village can be found at heritagevillage.ca.







SALTY & SWEET: A new 10 minute comedy, was performed as part of the King's Shorts Festival of Ten-Minute Plays, in June at the King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Further information about the Kings Theatre can be found at kingstheatre.ca or telephone 902-532-7704.









A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER, a new play culminating from an intensive workshop with the Eastern Shore Players earlier in the year, was performed as a promenade 'walkabout' theatre production at Memory Lane Heritage Village on 29th September and 1st & 2nd October. 


This 1940s comedy was based on a fictional visit to the Village by Helen Creighton, the renowned folkorist who collected and published traditional music and lore of Maritime Canada: When Helen and her dear friend, Doreen Senior, are lured to the village with the promise of new ghostly tales and songs, they arrive eager to take notes.  But after the villagers' pitiful attempts at impressing them, it comes to light that the stories were all taken from one of  Helen's previous books.


[With thanks to Jeremy Webb (Artistic Producer Eastern Front Theatre) who ran the workshops and to The Helen Creighton Folklore Society (helencreighton.org), as well as NS Communities, Culture and Heritage for partly funding those workshops.]













Sue's short comedy Hot Flush! was performed as part of the the King's Shorts Festival of 10 minute Plays.  The venue was the Kings Theatre, Annapolis Royal.  This popular Festival showcases eight new 10 minute plays every year over 3 consecutive days.  This year's dates were 17th to 19th June.  For more information about this annual event,  please go to their website, kingstheatre.ca. 







2015: This was a great year as A Groom's Folly was a resounding success.  This comedy was produced as 'walkabout' theatre at Memory Lane Heritage Centre, Lake Charlotte, NS, on July 9th, 10th and 11th.  Performed by the popular Eastern Shore Players, this play was the result of a set of workshops run Wanda Graham the year before.*


Set in the 1940s and staged at 5 different locations around the Village, this comedy listened in on the Buttle family as Lilly prepared for her wedding day.  But all was not well.  If her tyrannical Father had his way, there would be no wedding, as he schemed to prevent the Groom from getting to the Church.  The play ended with an audience interactive grand finale of pie and music.


*Wanda Graham is the Artistic Director of Heat Theatre and these workshops were partly funded by a grant from NS Communities, Culture & Heritage.




More 2015 news, A Twisted Tale [Murder on the 13th], is one of 5 plays to be chosen for the Mystery on the Menu Fenstival, July 13th 2015, Hollywood, FL.





Most of these plays are suitable for both small and large venues, with the majority of settings being simple.  If you are interested in reading any of these, please contact me through this website and I will e-mail a copy to you.




A HELPING HAND - 20 minute light comedy (9 actors).  [Written for and performed by the Eastern Shore Players July 2014]  Outline: Set on the Eastern Shore in the late 1940s, this short story is about Dorothy, a young 14 year old girl.  When she is taken out of school to care for a family whose 40 year old Mother can't cope with the family she already has, let alone a new baby that's on the way, Dorothy is happy to help.  She didn't like school anyway.  She only has one problem, remembering everything that needs to be done.






A SNAPSHOT OF HOME – 10 minute comedy set during WWII (9 actors) [written for and performed by the Eastern Shore Players 2013]  Outline:  It's 1942 and Gerald is in a bad mood.  All the men are away fighting except him.  They said he's too old.  To make matters worse, he's surrounded by women doing men's work.  [Could be suitable as a school production.  A full synopsis can be found with PHOTOS.]







10 minute courtroom drama/light comedy (5 essential actors) [performed at the King's Shorts (winner of the People's Choice Award 2011) and performed by the Eastern Shore Players 2012] Outline:  In what appears to be a straightforward courtroom trial, Mrs Jones is accused of murdering Mr Jones.  But all is not as it seems.  [Also chosen for the Mystery on the Menu Fenstival, July 13th 2015 with the additional title 'Murder on the 13th'.]




ADDICTION – 11 minute drama/light comedy (three young actors + one young/middle-aged woman).  Outline:  This short play is about two young drug dealers and a desperate buyer.  


Without making too light of the subjects of bullying and addiction, this drama is played out as a light comedy, but the underlying story and aim of the play is to highlight the possible devastating life of an addict and how that can impact their loved ones.




MODEL T – 12 minute comedy set in a bar (4 actors)  Outline:  Long lost mates, Malcolm and Craig, bump into each other in a bar one afternoon.  Craig thinks Malcolm has it all, a model girlfriend and plenty of money to buy an antique Model T car.  But all is not what it seems with comedic results.



ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES FOR VICTORY – 12 minute light comedy set during WWII (12 actors) [written for and performed by the Eastern Shore Players 2013] Outline:  Set in a munitions factory, the ladies are having a coffee break in the back room.  The year is 1942 and World War 2 is in full swing.  The ladies fantasise about doing more glamorous work; joining the Army, the Airforce or the Wrens, but deep down, they know they are needed in the factory. [Could be suitable as a school production.  A full synopsis can be found with PHOTOS.]





THE ASHES – 10 minute comedy (4 actors) [performed at the King's Shorts and by the Eastern Shore Players 2012] OutlineA lighthearted look at what can sometimes be a serious subject, this play is about a Mother who keeps her Husband's ashes in an urn on the coffee table.  But her three grown up children don't approve.  They want her to part with them.






THE THREE SCARECROWS/FUN ON THE FARM 10 minute comedy (4 actors) [performed at the King's Shorts and at the North Park Playwright Festival, San Diego 2013.   Outline:  Scarecrows, Frank and John, fight over Melda, a new scarecrow to the farm.  But they aren't the only ones interested in her affections, as Farmer Noggins has his eye on her as well.  [Also suitable for children.]







HEAVENS ABOVE - 10 minute comedy (2 actors).  [Performed as part of the King's Shorts festival, June 2014]   Outline:  When a man arrives at the gates of heaven, he accuses St Peter of being out of touch with the modern world.  He suggests St Peter go down to earth for a visit, but he isn't keen on the idea.  Besides, who will do his job while he's away?










THE CHEAT - 7 minute comedy (2 actors of similar age, 1 male & 1 female).  Outline:  This is a fast, snappy comedy about infidelity, with a fun twist at the end.  [Not suitable for children.]








NED – 30 minute comedy set in 1948 (14 actors) [written for, workshoped by and performed by the Eastern Shore Players]  Outline:  Set in a local store in the year 1948, this comedy is about a mysterious parcel that arrives at the post office for the local hermit. 



  • FREE A MAN FOR SERVICE AT SEA – 35 minute light comedy set in a Wren's recruiting office during WWII (15 actors) [written for and performed by the Eastern Shore Players 2013] Outline:  Officer Leonard is a recruitment officer and a stickler for the rules, but welcomes a dithering Officer Clark as her assistant.  [Could be suitable as a school production.  A full synopsis can be found with PHOTOS.]

THE OLD RADIO SHOW – DOWN ON THE FARM - 60 minute comedy performed in the style of a live old radio play (12 actors)  Outline:  Set in the late 1940s/early 1950s, this radio play is about a family gathering together for a birthday party.  But the sisters clash and nothing goes to plan.  [A huge part of this radio play is the visual spectacle of the sound effects people handling their props.  No electronics are required as coconut shell halves create the sound of horses hooves and the simple farm animal noises can be made by the props people themselves, adding to the comedy.]




THE CRYSTAL BALL – 90 minute comedy set in a Fortune Teller's tent at a fair (10 actors) [Shortlisted for the WFNS Playwriting Competition 2012]  Outline:  This play is about a young woman looking for love in the wrong place.  Put in charge of the Fortune Telling tent for the day, Sandra demonstrates a natural talent for solving other people's problems, but not her own.  When her friend, Tina, gives her a self- help book for her birthday, Sandra is inclined to dismiss it as rubbish, but curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to follow it's advice in pursuit of the man she believes will make her happy. 





SHIPWRECKED - 20 minute comedy/drama set on an island in a harbour somewhere in Nova Scotia (3 actors)  Outline: Nancy, Frank and Melvyn find themselves stranded when their dingy springs a leak.  Nancy is livid.  Stuck for the night, they light a fire and play a game of truth.  [Not suitable for children.)




THE JEDDORE PIRATE - 30 minute light comedy/drama written for a young audience.  There are three cast members, an old pirate, a store owner and a young boy.  The story is about an old pirate who comes to life in the store.  He needs the boy's help, or he will never rest peacefully in his grave.









THE MAGIC OF THE JEDDORE PIRATE - 60 minute light comedy/drama written for a young audience.  This is a longer version of my one Act play, The Jeddore Pirate.  In this more adventurous two Act, young Tom has to go to sea in his wooden dinghy in order to save the old pirate.







BOOK [Pending]:  THE FLIGHT OF THE STORK PEOPLE AND THE FEARLESS PIGEON - An adventure story re-written for Middle Grade, this book was originally one of four titles shortlisted for the 35th Atlantic Writing Competition 2012 in the Young Adult Novel category, under the title The Land Of Children.

Twins, Emma and Steven, are just two ordinary young teenagers, but Tekkar, the King of the Stork People, desperately needs their help to fight an old enemy in the Land of Children. Following him through a treacherous garden to the top of a mountain, they spy on the enemy below, but when the King and Steven are arrested, Emma has to make it back on her own.  When she comes up with an idea of how to communicate with the prisoners, she begins sending coded messages to her brother and a clever plan is devised to drive the enemy away.




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