About me



Originally from the UK, Sue moved to the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia with her husband in 2006.


Sue began writing as a hobby in the UK and after a couple of years settling into the Nova Scotian way of life, she picked up her pen again.  After having her first play performed at the King's Shorts (Annapolis Royal) in 2011 and “A TWISTED TALE” winning the People's Choice Award, she was encouraged to continue writing.


Since that time and since joining the Eastern Shore Players in 2012, Sue has written several plays, some being written for and performed by the Players. She has also written two full length plays and “THE CRYSTAL BALL” was shortlisted in the 2012 Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia Playwriting Competition.


Sue also completed a full-length novel for children.  She began writing STORKSAPIENS in the UK and has edited it extensively over the years as her writing skills have improved. Previously called THE LAND OF CHILDREN, the book was shortlisted for the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia Young Adult Novel Competition in 2012.


Member of PARC [Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre]

Member of Eastern Shore Players [easternshoreplayers.ca]